Would you like to know what your body truly needs?
Would you like to be able to communicate more clearly with all levels of your beings, and know what may set things right?
BioEnergetics, formerly know as Specialized Kinesiology is a therapy that can act as a translator for your body.
It offers you inside information through the subtle language of the body.

BioEnergetics can ease pain and muscle tightness and assist with injury recovery, as well as reestablish healthy energy flow throughout the body. It can also result in improved mental focus, mood, sleep, and overall vitality. 

BioEnergetics is a therapy which can treat the entire being from chakras to emotions, to the physical body.
BioEnergetics can help you release blocked or stalled energy, freeing you to achieve your highest level of wellness.

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Energy Tune-Up (Telehealth available)
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Bioenergetics (Telehealth available)

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