Do you want to know what your body wants?
Would you like insight into your physical and emotional being?
The Benefits of Biofeedback Are Many

It can help improve:  

  • rebalancing your body
  • increasing your immune function
  • improve your resistance to irritants
  • create a stronger constitution to help cope with chronic illness
Biofeedback involves the use of small sensors on your temples, wrists and ankles.

It is a mind-body technique that teaches you how to influence and monitor your internal response — slowing your heart rate, lowering your blood pressure and easing muscle tension. This process moves you towards a more balanced internal state.

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Adult Initial Biofeedback
90mins | $160

Adult Follow-Up Biofeedback

60mins | $110

Child Initial Biofeedback (0-15years)

90mins | $115

Child Follow-Up Biofeedback

60mins | $90