You Deserve To Move Freely
Chiropractic care focuses on improving vitality. It helps the functionality of your body, your muscles, bones, and the nerves, along with increasing energy, improving immune function and sleep. 
Dr. Chad uses a variety of techniques to enhance your treatment.

Along with manual adjustments, Dr. Chad uses Torque Release Technique. This technique is used to correct subluxation and spinal misalignments applying gentle pressure while using a tool similar to an activator in a non-invasive way. 



What You Can Expect From Your First Treatment

During your first treatment you will receive a Vitality Health Assessment which includes heart rate variability scan and neuro assessment, ending in a chiropractic adjustment.

Every 12th visit you will be booked in for an assessment to re-evaluate your progress.

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Initial Assessment & Treatment

Adult 45mins | $125

Child/Senior/Student 45mins | $75

Report Of Finding - 2nd Visit

Adult 30mins | $50

Child/Senior/Student 30mins | $35


Adult | $50

Child/Senior/Student | $35

Progress Exam (Every 12th Visit)

Adult 30mins | $60

Child/Senior/Student 30mins | $45

Newborn Spinal Exam (0 - 8 weeks)

15mins | Free!